About the Academy

At Sparkle Academy of Beauty there is no limit to what you can achieve. Open your heart to the beautiful world of nails and be all you can be with South Africa’s first brand exclusive nail education facility.

Our course material is developed by international nail masters and industry pioneers. Every course is bursting with techniques and guidance to advance your skills give you the advantage you need to succeed. Our educators have been carefully selected, highly trained, and are annually re-qualified. They are passionate about nails and about maintaining and uplifting the standard of nail education in our country.

Courses are held daily in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. Only Sparkle brands are used during all courses, and we work with the latest colour collections and nail trends making sure that your education is relevant and fun. We use our years of industry experience to prepare you to tackle even the most challenging problem-solving situations.

Sparkle Academy of Beauty has a clear vision to raise levels of professionalism in the beauty industry, thereby increasing employment opportunities of nail therapists and technologists nationwide. No matter where you are along your professional path, whether you are a seasoned professional, or a newcomer to the world of nails, we welcome you.

As you journey with us at Sparkle Academy of Beauty, we will educate you with integrity, utilize the very best brands, stimulate your creativity and inspire you to let your greatness sparkle!

Course Details

During Manicure and Pedicure, you will gain knowledge and understanding to perform an advanced manicure and pedicure using the latest techniques available. Business & Life Skills, General Science & Hygiene, and First Aid Level One modules are included.

This course will revitalize and perfect the nail therapist’s manicure and pedicure application. The therapist will gain a greater understanding of techniques and treatments to advance their skills and raise their technique to new levels!

The therapist will gain the knowledge and understanding to perform a professional and long-lasting Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish application using the latest techniques.

The nail therapist or nail technician will improve their knowledge and understanding of the latest Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish techniques:

– Perfecting natural nail preparation
– Perfecting Gelish colour application
– Perfecting Gelish french application using different techniques
– Perfecting the Gelish Soak-Off process
– How to do a short emergency enhancement with Gelish
– Gelish ombre technique
– How to choose the correct Sparkle Brand application
– Gelish troubleshooting
– Evaluation

This course will give the therapist the knowledge and expertise to confidently perform Gelish nail art designs. The therapist will master 19 beautiful techniques, guaranteed to provide a professional advantage in the beauty environment.

For those who have completed the basic Gelish Nail Design course, here is an advanced course on how to work with the Sparkle Nail Art Collection to create a personalized nail look for each client. After completing this training, the nail therapist / technician will be able to confidently work with the Sparkle Look Book create limitless inspirational nail art designs.

Dip your way to gorgeous nails. Introducing a dip system like no other with Gelish-infused technology. Gelish Dip allows you to achieve the most vivid colours and fool-proof pink and whites every time. Easier and fast to apply than traditional acrylics, Gelish Dip adds strength and support. And the application can be completed in 30 minutes!

Created especially for the professional nail technician, Gelish PolyGel is a revolutionary all-in-one system that combines the best of LED hard gels and liquid and powder acrylics. This course will teach you how to master simple PolyGel techniques; so, you can create the lightest, most natural feeling nail enhancements ever.

This course takes an existing nail therapist and qualifies them as a full nail technician. The course specializes in liquid and powder application and sculpting, working with ProHesion: the next generation of liquid and powder. ProHesion provides ultimate flexibility and workability for the nail technician, taking application and ability to new levels of proficiency.

Good To Great will transform a good nail technician into a great nail technician! Educating and improving skill levels in filing techniques, liquid and powder usage, correct tip application and product removal. This course will transform your end-results!

This course will teach a nail technician how to complete a full set of perfectly sculpted nails, an essential technique for any proficient technician. Raise your skill level to international standards, using ProHesion Liquid and Powder.

This course will advance a one-system technician to a level of greater understanding of nail technology. It will enhance the nail technician’s understanding and technique and develop their proficiency in multiple systems. This advanced professional course will teach excellence in enhancements, filing techniques and overall nail structure, working with either ProHesion or Gelish PolyGel.

The nail technician will learn techniques to work with coloured liquid and powder acrylic. The course will include working with tips and shading and much more. The technician will master many advanced liquid and powder design techniques, guaranteed to provide a professional advantage in the beauty environment.

IBX is the first nail system of its kind. A revolutionary treatment that works inside the nail bed instead of on top to toughen, smooth and protect the natural nail. The nail therapist/technician will gain a greater understanding of the IBX product as well as how to master the IBX System to repair and strenghten your client’s natural nail.

This course consists of Manicure & Pedicure, Gelish Hard Gel, full ProHesion Nail Technology, as well as the ITEC examination. An international diploma will be issued with successful completion of this course, allowing the technician to work internationally.


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